Benefits of wood table live edge

Wood table live edge is the use of cutting and leaving the edge of a table top rough finished. This has been done since ancient times, but the practice ceased in most instances by around 1660. With the current resurgence in popularity, it’s now becoming more common as a tables feature.

Because of its live edges, it also produces interesting pattern effects with every piece that is produced. Depending on the design that you are looking for, there are more than just live edge tables available with different designs and shapes.

Benefits of wood table live edge

  1. A durable finish

Although not all live edge products are created equal, this one definitely is an exception. Because the wood is unfinished, it undergoes natural changes as it is growing. As a result, live edge tables vary in terms of their durability.

The best ones perform as if they were still being grown and are full of contrast between the rough and the polished parts. This process creates beautiful patterns and textures that you can see when looking at them at an angle.

  1. Edge grain contrast

The live edge makes the table top look like a piece of sculpture with large pieces of polished wood placed next to large pieces shaped like bricks with imperfections. When you look at another side, you see a larger collection of branches or leaves while the other side only has small pieces looking very rough and uneven.

  1. Increase the value of your table

Your wood table live edge can increase the value of your living room by more than 20%, which means that it is not only very beautiful but also helps you earn a higher price from potential buyers.

  1. No need for framing or adhesives to get this finished look

Unlike other types of tables, you do not need to use any tools like a frame or adhesives to create this effect. All you have to do is to cut and shape the wood according to your needs and then let it sit for about three months in order to finish and protect it.

The best types of wood table live edge are those that are lasted for a long period of time without getting damaged because the natural carvings and the imperfections continue to work on their own instead of going away.

  1. The depth of the cut is unlimited

Because it is done without using any tools, you can do an endless variation of cuts and shapes. This also makes it possible for you to create different designs with little extra effort as well.

  1. Interactive design options

Unfinished woods with its various patterns, shapes, and variations encourage you to take advantage of them, which will make your table unique rather than just another one in the same style or category.

  1. Suitable for many types of wood

Many other unfinished wood products are produced from a single species of wood, but this is not the case with table live edge. The practice can be used with any type of wood you like, depending on your budget and preferences, which includes walnut, maple, oak and more.