How Difficult are the 2019 AP Calculus Free Response Questions?

Even if you have a calculator by your side and you have reviewed for so many times, there is still no guarantee you will get through calculus. That is how difficult the 2019 AP Calculus Free Response Questions. Each question is hard in its own way. Therefore, it won’t be smart to spend several minutes in one question. Before you know it, you would have already ran out of time and that is not going to do you any favors. Besides, you could have made a wild guess. You could just use all the solutions you can think of and the closest one can be your answer. It won’t be a big deal to go wrong with one question when you have a lot of other questions to answer. The questions may be too hard but you should never feel pressured. Besides, it would be better to have all the questions answered rather than relying that you have the right answers for some of the questions. It would be difficult to rely on that because you are going to not feel confident if you only had a few questions answered. You are not even sure if those things are right.

If you are thinking how hard the questions are, you must not think of it that way the entire time. You should be confident of your chances with the exam or you won’t be passing it at all. Also, it would be great if the exam is easy because you may think you will pass it with flying colors. In addition, each response question will make you think if you even got to review the test. Another thing to think about is that you may not catch a break anymore. You should not rely solely on luck with calculus questions. Besides, you would need to review as much as possible for the exam. It is going to help you a lot but that does not necessarily mean you are going to ace the exam. There are times when the ones you reviewed won’t come out. That does not mean you wasted your time though because you just did yourself a big favor. Also, you can’t say how hard the free response questions are because that is the truth. It is pretty much a given. Everyone from your mother’s aunt up until your friend’s father knows that so there is no point in thinking about it.