Why would you want fee time share legal advice

Fee timeshare claims is the process of a buyer (or the seller) in a timeshare trying to get out of their contract, and the timeshare company trying to get them to stay. With so many people buying timeshares every year, some resort buyers find that they’re not able to use their shares as often as they’d have liked. That’s where fee timeshare claims come in – it’s a way for these buyers to extract themselves from their contracts without penalty.

Why would you want fee time share legal advice?

  1. If you bought a timeshare in good faith

The law protects a purchaser in a timeshare contract from being made to stay if the circumstances change and the purchase was clearly not for recreational purposes. If your contract does not state it is for recreational purposes, then the seller cannot make you stay against your will.

  1. When things go wrong

If you bought a timeshare in good faith and are unhappy with the terms of your contract, then you may be able to leave your contract without penalty. If you want to sue the seller for their terms being unfair, you will need legal advice. We can help assess whether or not you have grounds for a claim against the seller within your timeshare contract and advise you on how to proceed if so.

  1. If the seller has changed the terms, or is enforcing their right to sell the timeshare

If you bought your timeshare in good faith and found that after you got into it that there were new rules or changes that were unfair, then you may be able to negotiate with the seller so that they no longer enforce certain terms in your contract. If a seller is trying to enforce terms in your timeshare contract, then it’s important that you get legal advice.

  1. If you’re an unhappy customer who’s dissatisfied with the service you received from the owner of a timeshare resort

It would make sense for many people to buy a share of their preferred resort in order to have access to it throughout the year where possible. There are times though when things don’t go perfectly and one of these would be if you’ve bought a share and find that you’ve been badly let down or not provided with the service in good faith. If you’re unhappy enough to consider leaving the contract, then we can help.

  1. If your timeshare is being used for commercial purposes

Many timeshares are owned by people who have their own private home on their resort rather than as a company, so it’s possible that they’ll be using the holiday home for more than just holiday purposes. With this in mind, it’s important to know whether or not you can get out of your contract if you find out there is commercial usage taking place.

  1. If you’ve been wrongfully evicted or harassed by the resort owner

If you’ve been wrongfully evicted or if the resort owner has tried to harass you, then we can help evaluate whether or not they have broken any laws which allow them to do this. If they haven’t, then you’re able to take action against them as a result.