GoGlass is one of the leading glass designers in the city

Goglass is an exemplary manufacturer of glass design systems for many years. It meets the glass requirement of commercial and residential customers by supplying quality products. The wide range of glass products like screens and cabinets made up of glass for privileged customers. This glass company is also involved in making a hygiene glass system with anti-microbial properties. This glass company has won many awards for it’s magnificent products to the needs of the customers. The production and design teams of the company have been associated with many big companies in the world. Many innovative glass designs are being made by the specialists of the company. There are many mirror makers near me, but goglass firm is an exceptional one.

Various glass designs

The various glass designs of the company are sandblasting and etching, commercial, bespoke, patterned, colored, UV glass cabinets, digitally printed, sculptures, and LED edge-lit. Based on these glass design systems, the company is able to make different glass structures to its customers. The customers who prefer privacy on their premises can go for Sandblasted and etched glass. This system gives a complete elegance and a comfortable look to the customers. The Digitally printed glass system is widely used in glass kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. By this glass format, one can print the image onto the glass, which is unique.

Goglass design systems add additional value

The glass doors of your premises give you a sense of protection and look amazing if it is properly designed. Glass’s internal frameless glass doors make your house complete and also give a stunning appearance. This system gives a traditional look to your living space and makes you feel relaxed. The glass doors of Glass enhance the beauty of your living place by giving peace of mind. You can get various designs of glass doors from the manufacturer. The hinged, bespoke, partitions, and sliding glass doors of Glass make your house beautiful.

Various glass systems of Goglass company

A short frameless glass style is used for making an exemplary glass shower in your house. The social feature or advantage of this glass shower is that it can be fixed directly to the floor. These frameless glass showers are cut easily to cope with the opening. Hinged, fixed, and sliding forms of the glass shower are majorly used by the customers. Hinged, folding and sliding forms of partitions of Goglass company would really mesmerize you without fail. The customers can use these partitions for separating dining, kitchen, and drawing hall. It enhances the aesthetic value of the house to a greater extent. The company’s mirrors are used by the customers in different sections of the house. These mirrors bring ethereal beauty to the living place. The use of magnificent glasses in the interiors of the house gives a good and magnificent look. The application is found in stairs and flooring, furniture and shelving, splashbacks, balconies, and balustrades.

Clearshield formula

The ClearShield formula is the main feature behind the hygiene glass system acting as antimicrobial for protecting customers from infection. The customers can get a free quote to design their glass design on their premises. The glass designs of the company are also applied in commercial places like gyms, malls, salons, bars, and churches.


Shopping For Bathroom Frosted Glass Doors

The bathroom is an integral part of any house. We visit the bathroom before work and immediately after work to take a warm bath. With the wetness and overuse, the bathroom deteriorates within no time. This is why bathroom renovations are critical and popular with responsible homeowners.

With a bathroom renovation, there is so much to do. You can update the plumbing system, replace showerheads, add a new bathtub, replace tiles, repaint, change lighting, etc. However, in most cases, many people forget about the bathroom door.

The bathroom door is essential, and you should also consider making changes more so when doing a complete renovation. If you have the old glass or wood doors, it is now time to replace that with frosted glass doors for bathrooms. But why frosted doors, and what are they?

If you are new to frosted doors, then you do not know that you have been missing. These are unique doors that allow maximum privacy while allowing sufficient lighting. Frosted glass doors are easy to clean, durable, and beautiful. These doors are available in many designs and colors, making them ideal for any homeowner as it is easy to find the right fit. Most importantly, the installation is easy.

With the many benefits of frosted glass doors for bathrooms, I am sure you are looking forward to installing one in your next bathroom makeover project. But where do you start when shopping for frosted doors? What do you need to know, and where do you but quality frosted glass doors? Well, read on to find out.

Before you go shopping for frosted glass doors, you need to know your needs. Your needs, in this case, include the size of your door, design, and color. You can go for a framed or frameless door. Regarding the color, it will depend on your bathroom décor. If your bathroom door size is special regarding design and size, be sure to look for custom frosted glass doors.

Now have your need in mind, you can now start hunting for quality frosted glass doors for bathrooms. To start with, you can shop at your local home improvement store. These doors are common, and you will find them locally. However, buying at a local store will limit your options regarding design, and you might end up paying more. While buying at a local store seems like an ideal option, shopping for frosted glass doors online is a better choice.

With internet access, it is easy to search and buy frosted glass doors for bathrooms online. Many glass companies have an online presence where you can learn more about frosted glass and even order. Some companies allow customization where you can list your specification, and they will make your perfect fit. Online glass companies will as well deliver and so you need not leave your house.

As you shop for frosted glass doors for showers online, be wary of unscrupulous glass dealers who promise you what they cannot deliver. Before buying, do a background check and know more about the glass company. Find out about the location, when it was started, its reputation, what they offer, and so on. Also, check their reviews online and read testimonials. This way, you will find a reliable glass company.

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Laser engraving

With the world changing fast and with a host of new technologies, laser has taken a new place and made our lives easier and more comfortable with laser engraving and engraving. There are several products available around us that we cannot print or print by hand in this situation, this process is very useful. Using this method, people can easily cut any type of design or write alphabets on fragile products. The whole process is PC managed, so we don’t need to bother or touch the product and leave everything on the machine. The results we get will be perfect, fast and very accurate. Rarely do we encounter errors without the risk of error, but we must be very careful when operating the computer and controlling the device.

It is a versatile technology that many use and especially many designers to develop efficiency, provide more services to their customers and generate huge profits, because the operating cost of this machine is very low and we have no additional maintenance and substance costs. The use of these machines requires little extra care, otherwise their maintenance will be very expensive. Laser engraving is a fairly practical and very easy process. Nowadays, more delicate materials can be engraved through this process. The materials that are generally carved can be as follows: synthetic products, leather, wood, acrylic, coated metals, glass, plastic and marble.

Sometimes we call marking as laser engraving whose seam is very similar, but it is very different from conservative engraving because it does not need masks or chemicals. Also, if we want to take something out of our personal possession and keep it forever, laser engraving is one of the best solutions among all the others available on the market. Even when we want to give an ancient Greek look to our simple marble floor or make our windows look monotonous with a Japanese plum blossom look or engrave our personal laptop with a personalized logo or engrave our pendant with our lover’s name, go for engraving and laser.

Even for fashion enthusiasts who want everything around them to be unique and fashionable, this laser technology will help us. This technique has the ability to give our products an artistic look and make it a valuable product. Also, if we are deeply involved in sculpture or engraving or marking, this technique will make our task more and more interesting. Now, all well-known conformist industrial recorders use this advanced technique to produce high-quality, best-looking products.


How does chemical etching work

You ever wondered how does chemical etching work? you are in the right place to find out.

The etching is a chemical process in which the metal is immersed in acid to take out the surface of the metal, remaining with a smooth beautiful design on it. It is a high precision process in which it can produce metal parts and design of need. Or it can be done with machines as a process of engraving that uses high temperature and high-pressure chemical spray to remove the metal material in order to create a permanent design on its surface. In short, this is how does chemical etching works.

Now let’s see the steps that are needed to be taken in order to perform an etching process. The process will be with the machines because is a lot more accurate and less dangerous than the made by hand with the acid.

First of all the metal material is cleaned to be sure that the surface is not contaminated and is prepared to start the process. A sheet of the material is laminated with a layer of resistance for light-sensitivity.

Then a photo tool with the design is placed on the metal material witch was laminated and then is set on the UV light. The UV light will make the laminated part become even harder and the part with the design because is protected will stay the same.

Before the etching process begins the laminated is heated to improve the acid resistance

After the metal material is made a set on the machine to be sprayed with a high-temperature spray. The solution will remove the unprotected parts from the metal and it will remain the form of the design.

When the process is done, the resist material is removed either in the stripping machine or manually.

Metal Materials that can be etched with this chemical process are:

Stainless Steel



Phosphor bronze

Nickel silver




And many more materials, but these are the most popular.

Did you want to know how does chemical etching work? Now you know, is a simple 5 step process through the machine that will produce in the end a smooth and clean design from the metal. First, one after the design is ready is the Lamination of the material. The second step is to put the metal material into the machine to make the laminated area even stronger and resistant. Then the film resists will make the area od design to be prepared for the etching process. The fourth step is to put the material trough etching machine where it will be sprayed with high pressure and high-temperature spray that will remove the unprotected parts. The fifth step is to remove the resits material either manually, either in the stripping machine.


Difference between etching and engraving

Human beings cannot survive without the printing industry. In the world of printmaking, different methods are used to come up different images from a flat surface, a hard surface and even a metal plate. Laser engraving and laser etching are unique applications of laser technology with their distinct profile requirements, benefits and characteristics.

With this in mind, it’s essential to update your terminology and understand the practical and technological benefits of these different laser applications. This way, you can determine what setting you should prefer for your next laser project. Here is a list of our main differences that distinguish between these laser methods.


While etching is the art of creating an image using acid that removes metal, engraving is a printing method in which an artist uses a pointed and sharp tool to cut lines on a metal surface.

Physical effort required

Etching requires less effort because the etcher pulls the design through the wax. On the other hand, more physical effort is required in engraving because a tool has to be used to cut the metal.


Laser engraving is an ideal method for marking parts and objects where high wear is to be expected. If you engrave a jewelry design with a laser, it will fade quickly if the piece is touched frequently, as the depth is only 0.001 inches. The deepest cuts in laser engraving are ideal for creating permanent markings on a variety of materials. Laser engraving is not appropriate for safety-critical parts since the etching process can structurally damage or damage the engraved part. A Laser-etched markings are less durable and are suitable for surfaces with little wear.


Laser engraving and engraving are versatile and can be used with many different materials. Laser engraving is suitable for almost any material of your choice, including metals, wood, plastics, leather, glass, acrylic and also soft materials like paper. Laser etching influences the surface of the materials changes the reflectivity and improves the contraction. The best materials for laser etching are anodized aluminum, stainless steel, coated metals, ceramics and polymers. Laser marking is widely used in the industry to come up with permanent markings without causing any damage on the materials.

Although these processes are used for the same purpose, the etching and engraving process is different, each with a special process. The method to be chosen mainly depends on the type of metal to be used, the availability of expertise, the preferred result and the possibility of using a physical or chemical process.