Loft Conversion

Different things to keep in mind with loft conversion project.

When you are planning to introduce additional living space in your home then you need to go ahead with loft conversions for getting extra habitable space. It will add more space in your household so that you can use this space for making any room of your choice. It will increase your property value because a well designed loft will attract the attention of a larger amount of potential home buyers. You will need to make use of the best loft conversion ideas for successfully completing this project for your home’s interior design. When you want to transform your property, you need to look for ways of using the loft space in an effective manner.

Different things to keep in mind before going ahead with loft conversions

The room you want your preference is extremely important when determining the design and layout of the loft space. Whether you want a bedroom, dressing room, home office or guest room, you will need to keep in mind your needs so that you can transform the loft into valuable living space.

Access to the loft space the next step is to choose either a spiral staircase or fixed ladder for accessing the space with minimum inconvenience. But if you have ample amount of space, you should add a permanent staircase so that you will get an attractive solution for your needs. But you might lose some space while accommodating the new stairs and you should check the head height before you move ahead with loft conversion project.

Insulate loftgood quality insulation for loft conversions will mean that the loft spaces will remain comfortable all through the year. It also means that the additional space will not be subjected to extreme weather as you will get rigid insulation for protecting your space in summers and winters.

Add good quality lightingwhen you want to add drama in your loft, you will need to choose good quality lighting for enjoying a luxurious feel. The amount of space in the loft will determine the kind of light that you choose so that you will get the best results from loft conversions result.

Choose an experienced architectfor a successful loft conversion project; you need to hire an experienced and skilled architect who will help you with the project. Look for online recommendations and referrals so that you will get someone who has been working in this field for the past many years. Always check the previous work of the architect so that you will be able to see the loft conversions completed by the architect.

Check the building regulations-before you move ahead with the loft conversion task, you need to ensure that the project is safe and healthy for your property. You should also check whether you have got planning permission so that you can easily go ahead with the alteration that is needed for transforming your extra space into livable space. You also need to look for structural integrity, Fire safety and design features of the property for ensuring that you can successfully complete the loft conversion project.

Loft Conversion

reviews surrey lofts

Every time we think we’ve found the perfect home, something new comes along to challenge that claim. As soon as you decide that it is time to say goodbye and buy your dream property, another building pops up. It all seems quite daunting, until Surrey Lofts came around.

The site is a directory for pre-built homes in the beautiful city of Surrey BC, Canada. In addition to providing the link for the building, this is a place to find inspiration for potential buyers, as well as those that love to live in homes that are built by the developer.

The current product ranges from one bedroom, one bathroom layouts all the way up to three master bedrooms and four bathrooms. The homes range in size from 950 square feet up to 2,500 square feet. With prices starting at $330 per month (not including appliances), it is quite competitive with others of its size.

The home is available for sale in a floor plan that is similar to townhouses of around 900 square feet. The pricing for this product starts at $289/month and up, with a standard sized one bedroom at $399/month. Here is a look at the layout:

The home features an open design, with 5 large windows that allow plenty of light to the large living space. The kitchen is spacious with maple cabinets, high ceilings and lots of counter space. There is a dining space, as well as a bathroom that is connected. The home also offers a reasonably sized bedroom, two closets and an open concept that is great if you want to entertain.

Since the venue offers homes that are built by the developer, some of the homes do have minor issues in their design (which they fix). One Facebook reviewer (who purchased the property) suggested that this set up could be perfect before it ever hits the market (although it will definitely increase your cost).

The homes are styled with modern day design, which includes the use of stainless steel appliances, high ceilings and lots of natural light (which is a rare find). Advantages include an outdoor patio area and a townhouse feel.

The home also has access to the Surrey Arts Centre, as well as the nearby community room. Nearby amenities include a park, library and grocery store. The area around the home is quite pleasant as well, with beautiful tree cover and lots of street appeal.

Being the first company to market a pre-built home in Surrey, this is an exceptional place to find yourself living in a beautiful part of the world for a fraction of the cost. If you have been looking for a home in this area, Surrey Lofts is well worth the visit.

This review was originally written in 2014 and brings valuable insight into the quality, reliability and functionality of the Surrey Lofts brand. This is relevant, since they are currently advertising homes at preconstruction pricing and they are offering buyers up to a $5000 cash back rebate per unit (the amount will depend on how many you purchase).

Loft Conversion

Why Surrey Lofts reviews are valuable?

Are you searching for a loft conversion specialist in Surrey and London? If so, you can hire a world-class home renovation specialist namely Surrey Lofts. This company is topnotch in all aspects by delivering quality service to the customers. The experinced company is well versed in delivering loft conversion tasks to the core satisfaction of the customers. The professionals of the company are qualified, certified, and experienced. They work to the highest standard to match the requirment of the customers. Customers’ need is given utmost importance by the experts of the company.

Salient features of Surrey lofts group limited

The major attractive features are

  • The experts communicate to the customers at each stage of the project
  • The company appoints different managers to the worksite like project manager, contract manager, and team leaders. These managers make the task simple and exact for the customers.
  • The experts focus and concentrate more on finishing the project on time and within the budget. This feature is an exemplary advantage to marginal customers and also others. The reason is that the professionals know the value of customers’ time and money. Hence, they do not extend the deadline for finishing the task.
  • Another exemplary feature of the firm is the promise of a ten-year guarantee service to the customer. The officials strictly follow the promise and do the needful if any lapse after finishing.

Architectural professionals give you an exact result

The presence of Professional Architectural Design of the firm entices many customers to utlise the service. The customers can communicate with these professionals directly and can advise them to match their needs.

Reviews may help you

The presence of reviews surrey lofts makes new customers inquire about the company service. There are umpteen numbers of loft conversion firms in the city, but none are matching to the quality standard of Surrey lofts.

Job satisfaction

The firm experts work at the job site with minimum disruption to the customers. However, maximum comfort and convenience are available to the customers by the firm professionals. Hassle-free service is expected by the customers on the job site, and the same is fulfilled.

Different managers

The managers of the firm take the responsibility of sending the project plans to the council for approval. This is a great sigh of relief to the customers who have difficulty getting the approval.

Clear plan

The professionals first visit your home to know to explain to you the work details and plan. Once you approve their plans, the company starts to work at your site as per your expectations. The cost estimate of the project is given to the customer in advance.

Call to Action

if you are looking for the service of Surrey lofts, give a call anytime. The service representation helps you to get things done in favor of you. Yes, he arranges a discussion with the staff for your demand for the loft conversion. You can have a free consultation with the experts. You can also get a free no-obligation quote for the project you have.