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Every time we think we’ve found the perfect home, something new comes along to challenge that claim. As soon as you decide that it is time to say goodbye and buy your dream property, another building pops up. It all seems quite daunting, until Surrey Lofts came around.

The site is a directory for pre-built homes in the beautiful city of Surrey BC, Canada. In addition to providing the link for the building, this is a place to find inspiration for potential buyers, as well as those that love to live in homes that are built by the developer.

The current product ranges from one bedroom, one bathroom layouts all the way up to three master bedrooms and four bathrooms. The homes range in size from 950 square feet up to 2,500 square feet. With prices starting at $330 per month (not including appliances), it is quite competitive with others of its size.

The home is available for sale in a floor plan that is similar to townhouses of around 900 square feet. The pricing for this product starts at $289/month and up, with a standard sized one bedroom at $399/month. Here is a look at the layout:

The home features an open design, with 5 large windows that allow plenty of light to the large living space. The kitchen is spacious with maple cabinets, high ceilings and lots of counter space. There is a dining space, as well as a bathroom that is connected. The home also offers a reasonably sized bedroom, two closets and an open concept that is great if you want to entertain.

Since the venue offers homes that are built by the developer, some of the homes do have minor issues in their design (which they fix). One Facebook reviewer (who purchased the property) suggested that this set up could be perfect before it ever hits the market (although it will definitely increase your cost).

The homes are styled with modern day design, which includes the use of stainless steel appliances, high ceilings and lots of natural light (which is a rare find). Advantages include an outdoor patio area and a townhouse feel.

The home also has access to the Surrey Arts Centre, as well as the nearby community room. Nearby amenities include a park, library and grocery store. The area around the home is quite pleasant as well, with beautiful tree cover and lots of street appeal.

Being the first company to market a pre-built home in Surrey, this is an exceptional place to find yourself living in a beautiful part of the world for a fraction of the cost. If you have been looking for a home in this area, Surrey Lofts is well worth the visit.

This review was originally written in 2014 and brings valuable insight into the quality, reliability and functionality of the Surrey Lofts brand. This is relevant, since they are currently advertising homes at preconstruction pricing and they are offering buyers up to a $5000 cash back rebate per unit (the amount will depend on how many you purchase).