Silver engraving

Engraving is one of the oldest and most important techniques in engraving. When engraving, a design is cut on a hard surface, which is flat in many cases, cutting grooves with a drill. What you get in the end is an object decorated in itself. Recording a piece can highlight it and help create a special gift or feeling. Professional engraving can be very expensive, especially since it is calculated with one sentence per letter. With a little practice and the right tools, you can start recording your own pieces.

Engraving is something that can be done to create that gift and special feeling. A special engraving can be more expensive because it is calculated with sentence by letter. With a few exercises and excellent tools, you can record your own pieces yourself. Just read some simple steps below.

The first step that must be done is to remove dirt from the surface of the silver piece. Use a flashlight to heat a piece of silver until the light orange color can be seen everywhere. This softens the metal and it is also better to accept silver engraving. You can allow it to cool easily and then add it to the collection solution to clean the heater.

In the second step, you can grind any remaining residue from the heater. You must ensure that the silver does not have scratch marks. After that, you should practice the design as copper in metal waste. Insert the knife engraving tool and tighten it.

Press firmly on the metal with a shaving tip and then draw your design. If necessary, do it several times to deepen the depth of the engraving. These types of tools will move a little; Therefore, you should make sure you hold it and keep it calm.

For the next step, you must take the metal hammer and the steel alphabet set. Then place the letter of your choice against the metal and use a hammer against the back of the steel template to engrave the letter. You have to repeat for each letter. Be sure to make sure that the distance is maintained exactly.

Now repeat the design in a silver piece before it turns out as you wish. For the last step, use a polishing wheel to make the silver piece shine. Check the piece to make sure it is ready to give away.
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