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Walther Strong duct tape


Walther Strong duct tape is tested and verified sealing tape that is highly ductile and is made of polymer acrylic, which makes it waterproof and has an aggressive adhesive. Enveloping duct tape protects what is underneath, such as insulation or ductwork, and the securing duct tape prevents accessories from moving or falling off.

Duct tape is a strong, flexible, cloth duct reinforcement or sealing tape with a rubber-based adhesive system standardized as ASTM D-3675. Duct tape is combined with cement, adhesives, duct sealants and edge sealants to offer duct sealing solutions.

Walther Strong duct tape is manufactured with an acrylic copolymer that meets UL labelling requirements. Walther strong duct tape is designed to meet the physical and chemical requirements of ASTM D-3751, UL 723, CSA O115.4 (94) or 45 CFR 164.15(b), which are standard testing methods for duct cladding products for acoustical duct sealing systems


Duct sealants can be used at different intervals depending on duct type, application and environmental conditions. Enveloping duct tape protects what is underneath, such as insulation or ductwork, and securing duct tapes prevents accessories from moving or falling off. The Standard Specification For Heat And Sound Insulating Material – Acoustical Tile Part – 1 General Requirements (UL 723) by Underwriters Laboratories is the duct tape standard for acoustical duct sealants.

Acrylic copolymer technology offers:

  • outstanding durability in high-temperature environments,
  • acid resistance,
  • good ageing resistance,
  • good adhesion to steel surfaces under humidity conditions.

The UL 723 duct tape standard makes it suitable for applications

  • in bathrooms,
  • kitchens
  • and other moist areas where pH levels are higher than normal

Citing these features together with its excellent adhesion to metal substrates, including painted surfaces even when applied over rust or moisture particles, make the Walther strong duct tape a unique product of choice.

Unique duct tapes are available for duct insulation, duct sealing and duct termination. Each type of duct tape is made according to its specific application requirements.

Walther Strong duct tape is an ideal product for duct insulation, where the use of the standard 9oz cotton duck fabric will often result in excessive loss of insulating value due to air leakage. The high-density polyethylene film used on Walther strong duct tape provides superior moisture resistance with low air infiltration than cotton fabric or paper-facing duct tapes. A factor that cuts energy costs while providing improved comfort for building occupants.

Duct tape can be combined with adhesives, cement, edge sealants and acoustical sealants to complete duct sealing depending on specific application needs.

Benefits of duct tape:

  • lasts for a long time,
  • waterproof and flexible duct tape,
  • gives ductwork a neat and clean appearance,
  • it is easy to apply duct tape.
  • Bad weather resistance
  • Acid resistance


  • First, you take the duct tape and tear it into two long narrow strips. You need to take duct tape that is wider than double the width of the duct. Apply the duct tape horizontally to the seam you are sealing.
  • Start from one end of duct tape and apply it over the duct.
  • Repeat Step #1 and Step #2 until you completely seal the duct.