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SAT and ACT are two crucial exams for college admission. A student should prepare well to understand each subject. He/she may have to invest long hours to score high in these exams. But, without the right guidance and proper materials, his/her labor may prove futile.

Jonathan Lotz lives in Los Angeles. He can help you to prepare well for the SAT and ACT exams. A student can attend his online classes. The best part of Jonathan Lotz is that he never runs after money. Some teachers think only about their sat and act tutoring rates. Jonathan Lotz is not like that. He doesn’t provide free lessons. But, he focuses more on the students rather than the rates. As a result, his students score high in his/her SAT and ACT exams.

Why Should You Choose Jonathan Lotz?

1) Brilliant Academic Background

Jonathan Lotz has been a bright student. His high-score in the SAT exam was praise-worthy. Then, he went to a prestigious university (Stanford). There he completed his graduation and Masters.

Such a brilliant academic background has taught him many things about the SAT and ACT exams. He understands every subject profoundly. As a result, he solves all the academic problems of his students. When students know their subjects well, they take the tests confidently.

2) Vast Experience

Experience can teach so many things. Jonathan Lotz began his tutoring carrier in 2004. Since then, he has taught hundreds of students. This vast experience has dragged him deeper into the SAT and ACT subjects. Even, high profile people and celebrities trust him and they send their kids to him. Hence, he is a reliable tutor.

3) Unique Exam Preparation Strategies

SAT and ACT exam preparation demands extra-ordinary study materials. Apart from that, different students require different exam preparation strategies. Jonathan Lotz knows all these secrets. Hence, he provides realistic practice sets and effective exam preparation strategies. That’s why his students face the real SAT and ACT exams without any doubts in their minds.

4) Free Consultation

Before joining the online classes, you can get a free consultation from Jonathan Lotz.

For instance – You may not know whether the SAT or ACT is good for you. In that case, you can consult with him. Then, if you like his SAT and ACT tutoring rates, you can start your online classes.

Jonathan Lotz never sells any package. He charges only on an hourly basis. As a result, you will be under no agreement. He takes some tests. The test decides whether a student should give the SAT or ACT exam. Thus, Jonathan Lotz conducts his classes in a step-by-step process. His sole purpose is to help a student to score high in his/her exams. That’s why Jonathan Lotz is the perfect tutor for SAT and ACT exam preparations.

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