The benefits of online ACT tutoring

Some people react skeptically to online learning aids via the Internet: Is this serious and does one learn the right thing? After all, online ACT tutoring with tutors has been around for a long time and is also widespread.

The subject of English is one of the most frequently attended tutoring subjects because English is the world language par excellence. Whether you have to communicate orally or in writing with foreign business partners later in your professional life, want to understand the latest videos of the trendy American Youtuber or just want to understand the lyrics of your favorite English band – the English language accompanies us all in everyday life.

So what are the advantages of online ACT tutoring on the Internet in English?

If you want, you will receive these online ACT tutor lessons immediately as a video after each online lesson. Your teacher will record the lessons for you and send them to you free of charge. Ideal for repeating or learning on exams and tests. So you benefit twice from digital lessons.

If it is helpful for online teaching, the screen can be provided by you or your teacher to the other person. So that you can see the teacher’s screen. So you both have the same view of the lesson documents and can discuss something like with the traditional lesson on site. And another great option is that you can work on a topic together with an online text editing program or a free online blackboard. In this way, more complex tasks and content can be discussed and learned. The online ACT tutor will take care of all these tools for online teaching. So you can simply enjoy our professional, customized tutoring or your individual language course from the comfort of your own home.

Online language courses and online tutoring are very suitable for all subjects. And of course for conversation courses. Especially for languages ​​and also in general for tutoring where a lot of talking and explanations.

Learning with a computer, tablet or smartphone can be a motivating factor and increase the fun of learning, even if it is for school. The students stay in control here: they decide at what time, in what order and at what pace they want to do which exercises. Whether as a daily repetition or deepening of what you have learned at school or as a planned preparation for classwork, learning can be tailored to individual needs regardless of time and location.

All competencies of English teaching are included in online ACT tutoring. The students can leaf through their school book in an online ACT tutor and the learning units are arranged directly on the pages of the book in the appropriate places. So you can go straight into the topic that fits the book. If the students use another book that is not supported by an online ACT tutor, you can also view the topics clearly arranged according to areas of competence and competencies and start the learning units from there.

With an online ACT tutor, all topics can be repeated in multimedia explanatory units, applied with interactive exercises and checked with adaptive tests. The students either select the individual topics directly or the parents save the topics as tasks for the students in the learning manager. This gives parents, particularly with younger children, the opportunity to help them choose the right content, to schedule it and to keep an eye on the learning success, while the older pupils find the right learning content easily and completely independently.

Listening and reading English texts are important topics in English classes. In online ACT tutor, there are many different types of text such as dialogues, reports, short stories or lyrics. You can listen to the correct pronunciation from native speakers and practice finding specific information in a text or opening up unknown words.

Also, rather unpleasant topics from the grammar can be practiced and consolidated independently with understanding. The complicated tenses such as past, present, and future, or the use of sentences in English, can often not be practiced sufficiently in class.

With immediate feedback on the student input, an online ACT tutor explains what was not right and how you can solve a task.